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Whether it is a small or a large bathroom, there is a myriad of decisions you are going to take during a remodeling project. Almost all of them will be staying with you and affecting your comfort for the coming years. Choosing the right kind of tiles is surely one of them.

 Tiles can do a lot of things. A lot more than what we generally know them for. Other than increasing the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom, they protect your walls against water damages. They can make space look bigger or smaller. And they can increase or decrease the real estate value of your home. 

It gets pretty confusing to choose the tiles you would cherish living with. You can also hire a Professional Bathroom Remodeling Contractor Santa Monica California to help you make the decision. Here is a brief guide on how to find the perfect pick for your personalized space.

Choosing The Right Materials

The possibility of condensation and water splashes in bathrooms limit the choices but still leave plenty of options to choose from. You can pick either man-made tiles or real stone tiles. If you are working with a limited budget, manmade tiles offer durability and easy maintenance. Natural stone has more character and beauty but you have to reseal the walls and floors after every few years.

Marble is one of the most popular and opulent tile materials. The rich colors and veins make it an aesthetically appealing choice. If you are going to install marble tiles on floors make sure they are slip-resistant.

Travertine with its warm tone colors imparts a luxurious look to the bathroom. As the material has pits in it, make sure it is properly sealed to avoid water penetration and stains.

Avoid using limestone and slate tiles in the bathroom for those who are less steady on their feet.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are two of the most common manmade bathroom tiles. Porcelain offers the best durability and it can endure heavy traffic. Ceramic tiles are affordable wall and floor coverings and easy to look after. If you are considering ceramic tiles for your floors, verify that it is suitable for floors.   

Picking The Perfect Colors

Picking the perfect colors is something you should enjoy. While you are free to pick any color, keeping the following tips in your mind can be pretty helpful.

  • If you are choosing tiles for a small bathroom, sort through the neutral hues or pastel shades. The light colors impart a subtle and airy look to make your bathroom look larger and beautiful.
  • With larger bathrooms, you can get away with more saturated and darker tones like navy blue and black.
  • Light wall tiles paired with dark tile floors look amazing in modern bathrooms.
  • If you find detailed mosaic patterns interesting, use them for backsplashes. Keep them small enough not to overwhelm the space.

Identifying The Right Tile Size

Like any aspect of design, tiles are an individual choice. But when it comes to tile sizes, sticking with a few rules helps you make the right decisions. While ordering different samples is helpful to see a particular tile size would look in your space but it is not always easy to visualize every aspect.

One particularly useful tip is to purchase tiles relative to the size of the bathroom. A really large area can handle the larger tile sizes and petite bathrooms look better with smaller, mosaic-style tiles.

Keep in mind that the grout lines will have a significant effect on the final look. The more grout lines you have, the busier the walls look. Too many grout lines look messy thus it is better to go with medium sized tiles.  

Comparing The Prices

Although the price of the tiles mainly depends on the materials, the costs can vary across different manufacturers. Request estimates from different companies and chooses the one that suits your budget.

Finding The Right Residential Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

One thing to bear in mind is that finding the right Bathroom Makeover Provider contractor is even more important than the tile material. Be sure of professional competence. Look at some of the previous projects before the final nod.

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